Bringing a Baker’s Delight to De Bergkant Lodge with Chef Hendry

Our sense of smell can evoke our strongest memories. Our most heart-warming are those likely laid claim to by the history of a baking culture which has provided sustenance to humankind since its first traditional methods over rural cooking fires; towards today's modern lifestyle which continues in kitchens and trendy bakeries the world over.


Most would agree that there is nothing as good as starting your day with the smell of fresh bread straight out of the oven or the sweet temptation of sugary pastries, tartlets and croissants to enjoy with the aroma of your first cup of coffee.


The Karoo's Finest Baker


Artisanal baker Chef Hendry is the latest and finest ingredient to be added to De Bergkant Lodge and will be bringing his baking talents not just to the Lodge but to the village of Prince Albert with the daily baking of handmade breads, sweet and savoury tarts and on special days fresh sandwiches, which can be purchased @ De Bergkant Lodge’s entrance before you go about your day.


Look out for the custom-made bakery stand situated outside De Bergkant Lodge at 3 & 5 Church Street and every Saturday morning from early at the Prince Albert community Market. Expect to choose from a selection of breads, patisserie and desserts and international traditions such as Swiss zopf, a plaited loaf with a golden crust.


Braided Breads of Yore


Folklore tells us Zopf – which means braid – originated from an ancient custom of widows cutting off their braids and burying them with their husbands. The dough is made from white flour, milk, eggs, butter and yeast, plaited into a braid and then brushed with egg yolk before baking. Its traditionally eaten on Sunday mornings.


Local Flavours and Taste


With his roots in Prince Albert, Chef Hendry will also be bringing some of his local traditions to his baked delicacies.


With the area rich in olive farm production, olive breads will be a firm favourite on the menu for those who prefer a more savoury flavor for their everyday bread. He will also be surprising customers with the use of rosemary, sunflower seeds, grains and poppy seeds, local fruits and cocoa and chocolate.


Orders for Special Events


Should you have a special occasion, Chef Hendry will be delighted to create celebratory snack platters or special cakes to commemorate your special traditional celebration.


Pre-orders can be sent to info@debergkant.com or you may call Michael or Renate on T: +27 (0)23 541 10 88.

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