Revamp your creativity and purpose with Simply Saffron Yoga Retreats 

Revive your spirit and find your inner Zen when you book a yoga retreat in September or October @ Simply Saffron in the Karoo’s beautiful village of Prince Albert.


Situated just five doors down from the peace and tranquility of your 4-star luxury accommodation @ De Bergkant Lodge, Simply Saffron owners Ridwaan Lockhart and Hermon Coleman will not only guide you back to greater physical flexibility and inner stillness, they will also lavish you with a delightful selection of dishes to nourish your soul and set you back on purpose in your quest for a long and healthy life.


Yoga Retreat among Mountains


Yoga caught to the attention of the western world in the 1980s but nearly 30 years on it is still a trending practice with the number of over 50s practicing yoga having tripled over the last four years alone.


Regardless of your age or level of fitness, yoga offers a gentle approach to improving your life for lasting success over a variety of fitness intensities and skills levels; while at the same time being gentle on joints, bones and muscles.


Manage your Stress


Typically, most people take up yoga as a form of exercise to improve their health or manage their stress however this has been seen to change over time as their practice becomes more mindful and develops into personal self-actualisation which empowers them over all areas of their life.


On a Simply Saffron retreat each guest is gently guided according to their pace and personal preferences in finding their breath, their personal space in balance and strength and a renewed mindful awareness towards their life purpose.


Roadtrip to the Karoo


Teaching Kundalini, Forrest and Yin Yoga, the four-day September retreat taking place from 20 – 23 September 2019 will focus on Forrest yoga under the guidance of Forrest Guardian Sandra Robinson from the United Kingdom.


The three-day October retreat takes place from 25 – 27 October 2019 and offers a combination of Yin, Forrest and Kundalini yoga practice together with a chance for stillness, introspection and creativity.


“It’s absolutely wonderful to be neighbours with Simply Saffron,” say De Bergkant Lodge owner Michael, “Life is busy and in order for us to enjoy it, we need to ditch the quick fix stress relievers in our lives which can quickly become bad habits. Instead, let's gift ourselves the time for self-reflection and self-care."


"I highly recommend their yoga retreats which are popular with both our local and international guests. The quiet tranquility of our indigenous gardens offering three pools and a sauna, coupled with the modern amenities of our private rooms and suites completes our guests' holistic health focus while staying here in Prince Albert.”


Treatments for optimum Health


Simply Saffron not only holds monthly retreats, they also offer daily treatments in reiki, reflexology, massage, monochord sessions and a Friday evening dining experience popular with locals and international guests alike.


The Simply Saffron Restaurant serves locally sourced and wholesome vegetarian, vegan and quality meat cuts such as Springbok; with weekly menu changes. The restaurant is not licensed and casual diners are invited to bring their own bottle along with them.


De Bergkant Lodge’s ‘True Karoo Hospitality’ accommodation rates are inclusive of breakfast and offer a full English breakfast together with European-style bakes, pastries, selection of cheeses, Black Forest ham, and local yoghurts and fresh fruits such as plums and juicy locally grown black olives.


To book your restful retreat accommodation visit www.debergkant.com. 


The four-day Forrest Yoga Retreat in September Costs ZAR 5 000.00 per Person.


The three-day October Retreat works according to a pay-it-forward concept where both yourself and others are offered an opportunity for awareness beyond the limitations of what you think you may or may not be able to afford and gifts everyone generosity and trust in allowing.


Contact Hermon & Ridwaan for details on T: +27 (0)23 541 10 40 or E: simplysaffronprincealbert@gmail.com.



The monochord is an instrument of sound which is laid on the body so not only your ears, but your entire body may be used to absorb the resonance of its sound. The strings can be played individually or all at once to create a rippling effect of tonal variances which is both uplifting and relaxing at the same time, helping to alleviate mind stress, body cramps and deepen your breathe.

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