The Karoo’s luxury Pet Friendly 4-star Hotel for You

We understand that your pet is part of your family and just like we wouldn’t leave grandma at home on her own, so we wouldn’t leave our four-legged or two winged pets alone at home either when it comes time to get out and go travelling!


Since we believe that pets are part of the family we also know that you’d want them to have the very best money could buy while on your travels.


Our four star modern amenities at De Bergkant Lodge include old traditions around family comfort and so we manage you and your pet's stay with us on an individual basis which starts with information gathering with you.


Hello to all our Fur Buddies


We start off by asking you to tell us about your special fur babies so we can make the best arrangements for your and your pets comfort. If we have any other pets staying on the premises at the same time we ensure everyone is well-placed to feel safe and happy.


Bags packed and ready to Roll


Taking a pet on holiday will entail some extra packing on your part, as you will need to remember to bring along your pet's bed, favourite toys, your own brand of special pet cuisine and any medication your pet might be currently taking or might require to ensure it is not overly stressed from both your travels and the new Environment.


As road worthy travelers and pet Lovers yourselves, we're sure you will have made use of all the latest pet travel accessories available for your car (or you can find an online range on A Pet's Life), together with lots of doggie travel stops, cuddles and fresh available water while on the way to destination De Bergkant Lodge.


All our staff on hand @ De Bergkant Lodge are able to assist with water bowls, outdoor play areas and best routes for dog runs and directions to the nearest veterinary services in the area.


Who do you belong to?


We do suggest you prepare for your trip by first micro-chipping your dog or pet where applicable and checking it is up to date with all its required vaccinations.


Ensure it is wearing a clear ID on its collar which is visible at all times. You may want to bring a spare leash along too, just in case you mislay one.


Book well ahead of your intended stay and chat to us about your pet's size and personality. We will share our pet-friendly policy such as number of pets allowed, size of pet limit and what we consider to be bad habits such as biting or barking at other guests.


At De Bergkant Lodge we include your pet bird's stay in the regular room rate meaning we don’t charge separately or extra for your bird but we do charge a ZAR 250.00 surcharge for your furry family members. If you are booking an extended stay with us, we might discuss a discounted or flat fee that covers longer term pet-friendly stays.


Doggy Night Night


Our ground floor deluxe rooms are spacious, tiled and cool during the heat of the day and are situated in a separate 4-star block from the other guest's accommodation.


Please advise reception if you intend to leave your pet in the room while you stroll down Church Street for evening dinner. We will do the occasional check that your pet is feeling comfortable and not barking and disturbing the other guests.


Pet grooming & You


While we don't have any pet groomers in the small town of Prince Albert, you can make pet grooming a road trip activity if you are passing through the town of George along the Garden Route. Alternatively, we are happy to assist with access to a water source should you wish to wash and groom your pet in our extensive size Gardens.


This would also be a good time to book your own bit of travel pampering by reserving a personal session with our in-house masseuse for a deep tissue relaxing massage, followed by a session in our sauna and pool facilities.


And, if your pets are cute, we are sure you will get plenty of compliments about your parenting skills and pet family values, which makes it so worth bring your furry friends with on your next road trip to the countryside with us in the beautiful Western Cape!

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