Why travel out of Cape Town into the open landscapes of the Great Karoo?

Snuggled against the slopes of the magnificent Table Mountain more than 4 million people live, work and play in the city of Cape Town but if you set out on a short road trip into the Great Karoo it's likely that you will see more sheep than any one of the interior’s 77 000 inhabitants spread across its 400 000 square kilometres of plains and plateaus.


Solitude and perhaps a couple of weeks of social isolation go a long way in this beautiful desert interior of South Africa.


Head out into the Cape countryside


As you leave the city behind in your review mirror, high-rise buildings become towns and towns become small holdings and farming country. Even the vast velvety landscape of the night sky changes when you enter the Western Cape’s Great Karoo; here mountains crest like waves across its valleys, their heights offering crisp air and incredible sights, such as those witnessed from the top the infamous Swartberg Pass.


Descend down this winding roadway into the historical village of Prince Albert and you follow in the footsteps of adventurers and ostrich barons of old; those who have conquered personal goals on mountain tops and agricultural trade feats to supply world markets in high fashion ostrich products.


Today’s modern travellers however come to find sanctuary in the quiet and peace of a slow country life at De Bergkant Lodge, a spa and 4-star hotel offering respite for those looking for gentler pursuits and who are simply tired of the city bustle and angst.


Farm folk and wide open spaces


Less people in new places does not have to mean isolated however. Like they have done for centuries, country folk and sheep farmers hunker down close to the red earth and keep their eyes on the horizon, for each day unfolds according to the arc of the sun across the sky, always with the hope of rain clouds to come drifting over the line of blue mountain peaks so dams may be pumped to sustain herds of sheep, beef and wholesome Karoo lamb.


Visitors too may watch the sun’s trajectory across brilliant blue skies from their patio or pool recliner between bouts of massage therapy, and dips into any one of De Bergkant’s three swimming pools taken after a relaxing sauna, followed by lulls spent just resting and gazing in silence as the great peace of the Karoo settles over you.


Certified and Organic Karoo just for you


The wholesomeness of the South African countryside is reiterated by sprinklings of windmills and sheep farms which offer their own regional organic lamb products under its own hallmark of flavour and labelling which is derived from herds grazing on indigenous Karoo veldt, fynbos and drought-resistant yet fragrant shrub vegetation.


Preserving its rich heritage of Karoo-certified lamb the Karoo Development Foundation oversees certification of all producers and traders which use the mark Karoo Meat of Origin, to verify both the authenticity of the meat and meet fair trade requirements which stimulate local economic activity.


The best part about the Karoo apart from its magnificient stargazing, while watching succulent lamb roasting over the open fire, or day excursions spent exploring the Karoo region’s vast expanses, is that there is no low season or high season; in the Karoo’s desert-like expanses, rest, respite, a return to inner peace and the gentle art of stargazing and astronomy can be enjoyed year-round.


De Bergkant Lodge is the perfect destination for mature travellers to take a break and find timeout in total peace and secluded relaxation. Discuss your longer term accommodation needs with us on T: +27 (0)23 541 10 88.

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