Are you a Happy Travel Addict? Tick our List here...

Locked down in our homes and apartments, many of us may be feeling stressed out at not being able to move about freely; while others may be happy to wait it out until the pandemic has blown over. Self-isolation is an important aspect in controlling the spread of Covid-19 and until the world has been given the ‘all clear’ to travel again most of you travel addicts will be biting your nails in anticipation to hit the road and journey to a new destination once again.


How do you know you are a happy travel addict?


We have put together some passionate travel behaviours and habits of world holiday wanderers and travel adventure explorers below. If you can relate to three or more of them, then you are most certainly a travel addict of note who will be first to board the airways and go discovering new places, people and activities on offer.


Of course, don’t miss an opportunity to discover South Africa’s world-class Western Cape Province where you can explore the jewel city of Cape Town perched below Table Mountain and take an open road trip to freedom into the vast and exhilarating Great Karoo in the footsteps of the continents first pioneering adventurers so many decades ago.


Travel Addicts are…

  • #Dromomaniacs – they feel the urge to walk and wander any where and any how and long as they are going somewhere.
  • Great memory keepers who take photographs and keep travel journals of the places they love and travel and return to.
  • Not afraid to spend money on travelling because they understand all the rich rewards travel brings to the other areas of their lives.
  • Confident because travel develops our self-confidence and increases our outlook and understanding of the world. 
  • Great storytellers who love sharing their travel experiences and destinations with others whether it is with their friends and family or as travel writers and bloggers.
  • Uncomfortable being stuck at home… your feet literally itch to get travelling to new places again.
  • Always planning the next big trip, adventure activity or searching out exotic or unknown destinations to reach.
  • Your wardrobe at home features separate work, home and travel clothing which determines what you wear in each different situation and location.
  • Those of you who, when thinking about all the destinations you haven’t been to yet, gets you anxious!
  • Have a huge collection of travel and photography books on cultures, places and anthropology arranged on your bookshelf by continent.
  • Travelers who use those special credit cards to collect air miles on travel loyalty programmes and travel deals to get them 'there' safer and cheaper.
  • Anyone who goes on an annual holiday either alone or with the whole family.
  • People who can count the number of countries they have traveled to on both hands as well as the countries they still have yet to travel to.
  • Travelers who know how to travel light… very light because they have too often taken too much stuff with them and won’t be making that mistake again anytime soon.
  • Readers who devour travel guides and read reviews on TripAdvisor just for fun.
  • Travelers who cry when its time to go home.
  • Experts in combating jet lag.
  • Great at doing currency conversions in their head while on the go.
  • Fair tippers at airports, restaurants and hotel lobbies because they understand how import the travel service staff are.
  • Those who have branded quality travel bags and back packs and aren’t afraid to wear socks with sandals.

South Africans who love their own country – all 1,22 million km² of it – and plan family holidays to new local destinations to learn about their people, their history and those secret spots in nature for fishing, hiking, resting and playing together.


Travel Addicts are people like you and I, who display their own particular brand of special travel habits. For example, you may always prefer to take a road trip in your own vehicle; or always travel with your dog and your lucky fishing jacket; you always choose a certain airline or travel agency who understands your specific need for value or efficiency; you may always prefer to travel with your family; or choose a mountain destination over that of a seaside resort – the list is endless but a travel addict will always display a certain set of personal preferences which must be ticked off for your own particular brand of special travel escape.


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