Activités à Prince Albert

Nederduitse Gereformeerde Kerk
NG Church

This peaceful little village lies at the foot of the ancient Swartberg Mountains (Black Mountains), which rise like a massive wave and feed crystal clear water into furrows meandering through streets of architectural and historical delight.


The tiny population of Prince Albert is awash with academics, artists and ordinary good folk who instantly make you feel welcome with their cheerful greetings and great pride in their Karoo oasis.


Arriving via the awe-inspiring and internationally famous Swartberg Pass, scenic Meiringspoort or from the N1 via Prince Albert Road, you are enfolded in tranquillity. Crime-free streets with hardly any traffic promise long, carefree walks during the day or at night. The air is clear and dry and the sunsets and star-filled skies, breathtaking.


Prince Albert is the closest village to Gamkaskloof - also known as "The Hell", an unspoiled valley hidden in the Swartberg Mountains.

Prince Albert
Prince Albert

There's lots to see in the village - visit the Museum, Art Galleries, Gay's Dairy and the Weavery.


You can also take a historical walk with a guide. In the evening go for sundowners to view a spectacular sunset or take a Ghost Walk. At weekends there's often the opportunity to watch the stars with Astro Tours. A rare Bushman painting and fossils can be seen on local farms - we can arrange visits.


There are several restaurants and coffee shops and on Saturday the locals sell their produce at the Market where you can sit down for a cup of coffee and watch the village pass by.

"Arriving in Prince Albert reminds me of tranquillity base during the Moon Landing - except the base here is really tranquil and the road to it is truly like a moon landscape."


"We were warned 'Don’t stay too long, you’ll fall in love.' We did stay two nights and now own property here."


"Arriving in Prince Albert was like finding an oasis in the Sahara, being welcome at De Bergkant was like hearing "Open Sesame"... we had the most fantastic time in this beautiful place, you have looked after us as if we were royalty."


"We all have a story to tell, this place tells a story, I loved every moment, the hot sun, the town, the characters - Thank you."