Heritage History and Health in our Mountain Spa Getaway

For Centuries, visitors to Cape Town have marveled at the towering slopes of Table Mountain with its flat top, where on some days, the infamous North-easter wind brings a white cloth of cloud to settle most perfectly on top.


Today, ships still sail around the Cape of Good Hope. Passing the iconic Robben Island, this island prison now turned into a palace of memory for the late Nelson Mandela, a 1993 Noble Peace prize winner, past President and much loved South African Apartheid activist.


Zoom Out the City


Leave Cape Town’s working port and the city bustle behind you and follow in the footsteps of the early explorers, far-flung farmers and ancient traders who pioneered into the Western Cape and beyond with their ox drawn wagons and luggage of hope.


These first settlers now living on in a rich heritage of sprawling grape vines, small towns and farming villages which today dot the N1 highway artery which leads 1 200 km up to Johannesburg or on towards the east coast of Durban and the Kingdom of the Zulu.


Meander your way through a beautiful patchwork of road trip experiences towards the approaching horizon of interior known as the Klein (little) and Groot (big) Karoo. Descend down the reknown Swartberg Pass and you enter the Groot Karoo; an enormous basin of unique semi-desert biomes set within the sheltering encompassment of the blue ridged Swartberg Mountains, known for its Cape fold rock formations.


A Playground of Natural Events


Some 300 million years ago, during the Karoo Ice Age there were glaciers in this desert-like, mountain rimmed basin.


Today it’s a play ground for birders, bikers, hikers, cyclists, fishermen, 4x4 enthusiasts, scientists, conservationists and international travelers from all corners of the globe, who come to discover, explore and adventure.


Descend the Swartberg Pass and discover an oasis. The enchanting town of Prince Albert nestles at the foot of the pass where you arrive @ De Bergkant Lodges' 4-star doorstep. Mountain water still channels through the village; its peaceful and quiet here in the village; but with delightful additions of locally designed, cuisine-focused eateries and evenings of laughter and delight to be enjoyed at The Showroom Theatre just over the road.


Sheer Nothings & Stories for Everyone


Many De Bergkant Lodge guests come to simply rest. To getaway from it all and simply to luxuriate in peace and the fresh air; loving the hot sunny days and melting under the soothing hands of De Bergkant Lodge’s in-house masseuse. As the sun disappears below the horizon and the velvet skies appear, crisp sheets, warm floors and large bathrooms provide bedtime comfort in your private suite.


At the local museum, and on an evening’s curated Ghost Walk with the Story Weaver, history comes alive again, mingling with fascinating tales of pioneering life which it evidenced within ancient walls. The Museums’s Mampoer Still keeps up the tradition of enjoying a stiff drink after a good story, jus as they did in the olde days round the communal fire.


From De Bergkant Lodge's position at the top of Church Street, amble along Prince Albert's main village artery. Explore art and gift shops and local produce of figs, olives, wine, biltong and olive oil available from its quirky shops and buildings. Buy a picnic for a day spent exploring along the surrounding mountains and country roads. Game drives, birding and cycle tours offer a guided journey into the Karoo's more precious secrets.


On your return from your day's delights, refresh yourself with a steam, sauna or personal massage and prepare for an evening under the stars on a still and expansive Karoo night sky. 


At De Bergkant Lodge you are hosted by an elegant mix of Swiss and South Africa hospitality in an inescapably charming town. With simply no reason for couples not to want to retreat to a sunny patch on a lawn in the mountains far away in nature to rest and reconnect, now is the besttime to take advantage of the current discounted rates on offer now.


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TIP: If it is your first trip to the enchanting village of Prince Albert, you will be pleased to know that De Bergkant Lodge has the honour of being no. 1 out of the 25 available accommodation offering in the village. Treat yourself and find the perfect fit for couples wanting rest or romance. Bring a book, write a book or simply take a break.


Johannesburg roadtrippers will find it the perfect stopover midway between the two major cities. For Western Cape weekend warriers, De Bergkant Lodge is just 2 hours drive from Geoge, 4 hours from Cape Town and 1 hours' drive from Oudsthoorn. Take a look at our Google map here.


See you sooner than later!

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