Activities in Prince Albert

A holiday is a chance to escape from the day-to-day life and experience new scenery of beauty and awe. While some travelers like to use the time to explore, adventure and learn new things, others use a breakaway to rest, relax, and find stillness in landscapes of vast beauty. At the 4-star De Bergkant Lodge in Prince Albert you are guaranteed an opportunity to do both.

Take your book (yes, that one you have been meaning to read for months), pack your hiking boots, bring your pet (De Bergkant Lodge is #PetFriendly) and most definitely pack your bathing suit to make the most of the Lodge’s three pools, sauna and room service masseuse for your own private SPA experience.

There is a surprising wealth of fascinating things to do about town and in the vast surroundings of Prince Albert, so make sure you book your stay long enough to relax as well as enjoy a few thrilling adventures.

Sweet Delights
Cycle Power
The Showroom Theatre

Photo Journeys
Olive Love