Nature & Wildlife

Nature & Wildlife · 18 May 2020
How do you know you are a happy travel addict? We've put together some passionate travel behaviours and habits of world holiday wanderers and travel adventure explorers below. If you can relate to three or more of them, then you are most certainly a travel addict of note who will be first to board the airways or hit the road and go discovering new places, people and travel activities on offer.
Nature & Wildlife · 04 April 2020
Solitude and perhaps a couple of weeks of social isolation go a long way in the beautiful desert interior of the Western Cape's Great Karoo where its likely that you will see more sheep than any one of the interior’s 77 000 inhabitants spread across its 400 000 square kilometres of plains and plateaus. Book your restorative escape to De Bergkant Lodge for #TrueKarooHospitality for greater health and finding the calm out of the eye of the storm.

Nature & Wildlife · 01 August 2019
Our vast Karoo region offers visitors a chance to see some of Africa’s unique wildlife offerings on self-drive and guided safari adventures. Read up on our selection of national and private game reserves which offer visitors a big game wildlife experience en route between Cape Town and the Karoo.
Nature & Wildlife · 02 June 2019
What is the Karoo? A vast region in the Western Cape of South Africa with its own unique animals and 6 300 plant species of which almost half occur nowhere else in the world. Don't miss the start of the annual Spring flowering season in September. Book early with 4-star De Bergkant Lodge in Prince Albert and discover a landscape supporting a fascinating ecosystem rich in biodiversity and the ongoing efforts to conserve and protect its wild beauty.

Nature & Wildlife · 06 May 2019
South Africa’s National Biodiversity Institute is calling on nature lovers to help it save the Karoo — with science. Scientists know very little about the plants and animals in the Karoo, and there is an urgent need to document the indigenous species found in this important part of South Africa before development takes over. Here's how you can help with 'citizen science' while visiting the Karoo on your travels or as an online volunteer.
Nature & Wildlife · 02 May 2019
With plentiful sunshine and vast stretches of desert landscape, South Africa’s Cape Karoo offers a unique, drought-resistant answer to survival of flora across its dusty expanses. Now you can bring the beauty and colour of the Cape’s hardy endemic species into your own Karoo garden and assist in the survival of these dwindling beauties.