What's on Where? · 23 January 2020
Explore down dusty back roads and mountain passes interspersed by rolling farmlands and you will discover one of the few places left in the world where there remains pure stillness and peace broken only by the shy indigenous wildlife who survive off its arid landscapes. Read our holiday season and adventure sports activities taking place in the Groot Karoo with De Bergkant Lodge's special brand of #TrueKarooHospitality! Ask us for tourism and travel advice on what to do and where to go!
International Visitors · 15 January 2020
To ensure we deliver the best possible online travel booking experience for our local customers we felt it was important to have a website in Afrikaans to service the growing number of Afrikaans internet users who enjoy travelling to the Karoo. Click through to our website at www.debergkant.com and you will discover our 4-star hotel accommodation descriptions and booking information translated into Afrikaans. Ons hoop om u binnekort te sien!

Travel Tips & Tours · 05 January 2020
Read our collection of brilliant travel gift ideas to help share your South African travel experiences with others back home and guaranteed to keep your African trip of a lifetime in your heart and top of mind.
Hospitality Highlights · 26 December 2019
As Swiss-born global travelers ourselves, when we came to South Africa, we fell in love with the beauty of the city of Cape Town and the wild and wide-open spaces of the Western Cape Province, so much so that we chose to make it our home here. Since we still love traveling and exploring the Western Cape region, we decided to put together a list of the top private tours we recommend for our local and international guests and visitors. Enjoy!

International Visitors · 28 November 2019
Many Dutch and German-speaking tourists to South Africa may be surprised to hear that the Afrikaans language is oddly familiar to their ear and that some sentences can be understood. This is because during the 17thCentury, Dutch colonists known as Boers settled in South Africa, followed over the next 200 years by British, French, and German settlers who through new and shared spaces, developed their own unique cultural identity and language which became known as Afrikaans.
International Visitors · 14 November 2019
You don’t have to be a global traveler to make use of these essential travel apps while on the move in South Africa. Anyone enjoying a South African holiday, family vacation, business trip between Johannesburg and Cape Town, or just a quick weekend escape, road trip or travel outing will make good use of at least one of these (mostly free) travel apps which can be quickly and easily downloaded to your smartphone or Notepad. If you are booking into De Bergkant Lodge in Prince Albert in the...

International Visitors · 14 November 2019
A holiday is the perfect time to relax and unwind. We advise you spend time lounging poolside while enjoying any one of our South African book recommendations curated especially for you. Enjoy!
Outdoor Adventures · 14 October 2019
Celebrate 'Men Make Dinner Day' on the 7th November 2019 with this delicious and well-loved South African recipe favourite, the traditional 'potjiekos', featuring South Africa's famous free-range Karoo lamb.

Hospitality Highlights · 10 September 2019
De Bergkant Lodge is a beautiful Cape Dutch homestead in the enchanting town of Prince Albert, home to the majestic and world-renowned Swartberg Pass and the destination of choice for hundreds of travel and adventure explorers looking for a relaxing and luxurious stay in the wide open spaces of the Karoo . Book your 4-Star stay on www.debergkant.com.
Hospitality Highlights · 22 August 2019
It's Springtime in the Western Cape when all the flowers open their faces to the sun. The beautiful village of Prince Albert in the Great Karoo is the perfect base from which to plan your Western Cape Province road trip. Read up on the many community and adventure activities you may want to add to your holiday travel itinerary.

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